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Bello, Whitman and Sarmiento, for Tuesday

Hi everyone,

For Tuesday, after reading/rereading Sarmiento, and the first half of Whitman’s Song of Myself, write about the following connections by citing evidence from the texts:

How do Whitman and Bello (and Emerson as well) view the importance of direct experience? How do Whitman and Bello’s poetic texts view the relationship between humans and non-humans? According to Whitman, Bello and Emerson, what are the possible benefits of direct, first-hand connect with the non-human world?

Song of Myself was originally published in 1855, one year after Walden and 10 years after Facundo. In Whitman’s poetic vision–one that could be termed “all-embracing”–how would you characterize his perspective on nature and on modernization?

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