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José Emilio Pacheco: for Tuesday, March 11

Hi all,

Here are the questions for the blog for the Tuesday after Spring Break:

After reading the Foreward (brief) to Selected Poems by José Emilio Pacheco, and the selections from two books of poetry, “No me preguntes cómo pasa el tiempo” (Don’t Ask Me How the Time Goes By), (pgs. 47-78), and “Irás y no volverás” (And So You Go, Never to Come Back), (pgs. 78-109), write about the following:

What are the general themes of this poetry?  What is the relationship between the poetic voice (the speaker of the poems) and the non-human world?  How is the non-human represented?  Choose three poems that stand out for you in the reading and briefly explain why, citing specific passages.

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