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Blog for Tuesday: Sense of Place

Hello all,

For a change of pace, the blog for Tuesday will be more creative.  As we’ve been talking about “sense of place” and how one can capture a particular sense of place through writing, for this week’s blog you will be trying your hand at doing just that.

As this is a more creative assignment, there are a number of possible options to write about within the question:

The idea is to pick a place that has special value for you–it could be the town where you grew up, a park you have been to,  a city, or even a very particular place (a particular tree, or bench, or rock, etc.)–and, through writing, try to evoke what is special to you about that particular place.  What makes that “space” a “place” for you?  What makes it seem, in Buell’s terms, “cherished” instead of  “disposable”?  Try to write about the place in such a way that may convince the reader that it is not an impersonal space (that could be destroyed in order for something else to be built there, for example), but rather one that deserves to be preserved.

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