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Moraga and ecofeminism for Tuesday

Hi All,

I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather.  For Tuesday, after reading the selection from Cherrie Moraga’s _The Last Generation_ and Priscilla Ybarra’s article on her (both readings are on course documents on blackboard under Week 14), respond to the following issues in your blog:

What is Moraga’s perspective on the non-human and on interactions between humans and the environment?  What sorts of environmental and social injustices does she describe?   According to Moraga, Anzaldua and Ybarra (writing about Moraga), what is the connection between gender studies and environmental studies?  Or, in other words, what do they see the relation between environmental issues (particularly, environmental justice issues) and women (particularly minority women)?  Do you find this argument to be convincing?  Why or why not.

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