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Luis Rodríguez: Trouble in the Barrio

Hi everyone,

For what will be our last blog of the course on the readings (time flies, huh?), we will focus on Luis J. Rodgríguez’s poetry from _The Concrete River_ in addition to the informative reading by David Díaz, _Barrio Urbanism_, that we discussed on Thursday. Some questions to explore include:

How does Rodríguez represent the non-human in his poetry? How does this view of “nature” differ from others we have seen in the course? How would you characterize his representation of the “Concrete River” (in the poems “Always Running” and “Concrete River”)? What is the “sense of place” the speaker(s)  of the poems feel in East Los Angeles? What “concrete” connections do you find between the poetry and the reading by Díaz in terms of environmental justice issues?

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