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For Tuesday:  After reading up through “Solitude” (page 208), and the selection from Glen Love (available on Blackboard under course documents, “week 2”, think though and answer the following questions in the blog:

How does Thoreau’s description of the non-human world fit into Cronon’s discussion of wilderness?  Do you agree with Cronon that Thoreau demonstrates a “stern loneliness” in his experience of “wilderness”, at Walden Pond?  Does he find “wildness” there (without leaving civilization far behind)?  How is “reading” part of Thoreau’s experience at Walden Pond?  What kind of perspective does Thoreau gain in his semi-isolation from society at Walden Pond?

Response to William Cronon: “The Trouble with Wilderness”

How does the reading either go along with or differ from your past notions of nature and the role of humans in its destruction? Have you had “wilderness” experiences such as the ones that Cronon mentions in his article? What does “wilderness” mean to you? Do you agree with Cronon’s presentation of the concept of “wilderness”? What are some of the possible consequences of conserving wilderness spaces in the Third World (or in the US)?


Tell us a bit about yourself: where did you grow up?  What are your interests (academically and personally)?  Why did you sign up for this freshman seminar?  With the first semester down, how has your experience at UMW been so far?

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